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Welcome to THE DARK PAGES, the home of crooks and villains, mobsters and terrorists, spies and private eyes; where the plots are twistier than a knotted noose and the pacing tighter than Marlon Brando’s braces.


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Sometimes I think that I’ve read everything. I don’t mean literally everything – the 50% of my own bookshelves with uncreased spines can testify to that. But sometimes I think that there’s nothing you could write down, no sequence of words strung together to evoke a situation, that I could read and think ‘wow, nobody’s ever thought of that before’.

The other day I began reading a certain Scandi thriller of good repute, and in the opening set piece the body is discovered, in a gruesome pool of blood and gore, and it’s been chopped in half, and it’s a child, and *yawn*, I just thought: So? Whatever happened to suspense?

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Cut Short

by Leigh Russell

Reviewed by

Louise Hunter - from Crime Book Club

I was a late comer to crime novels. I hated to read when I was younger and I can’t remember why I picked up Cut Short; I can however remember the excitement and ‘need’ to keep turning the page. I opened the door into a dark and twisted fictional world that I could open and close when it suited me. Leigh Russell gave me the opportunity to get to know Geraldine Steel and to lose myself in her fictional creation.

After a relationship break-down D.S. Geraldine Steel relocates to the quiet town of Woolsmarsh which she hopes will give her a fresh start, however she soon finds herself on the trail of a serial killer. The murderer is lying in wait for his next victim in the dark corners of a popular park but when a woman comes forward as a witness the killer is going to stop her regardless. With victims multiplying and the locals getting restless Geraldine Steel has to find the killer before he strikes again.

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The Dark Pages




The Lure of the Anti-hero

Jason Hewitt

I’ve never much wanted to be a hero. For me, Gatsby was always more interesting than Nick Carraway; in The Merchant of Venice it’s Shylock that steals all the best speeches; and who in their right mind would want to be the narrator, Jack, in Chuck Palaniuk’s Fight Club when you could be Tyler Durden? Even in my school playground days there was always a wrestle to be Han Solo. No one ever wanted to be Luke.

But why is this? For me the great anti-heroes are not only more fun, they are also more human. Intrinsically, the anti-hero is the hero ‘gone wrong’.  They might be a central character but they lack the heroic qualities you would expect: courage, altruism, and an all-round (and irritating) goodness. Instead their moral compass has gone awry. They are jealous, they lie, they spy...

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As war rages through Europe, and Britain braces itself for invasion, one girl leaves the safety of the house she's been evacuated to. In search of her family, she finds her way home to a village abandoned and an empty house.

But she is not alone for long.

'Superb. Absorbing, suspenseful and with a beautifully poetic touch'

Nathan Filer, The Shock of the Fall

'Clever and unsettling, this most unconventional of war stories had me totally gripped'

Shelley Harris, Jubilee